Moving house is a particularly stressful time. With so much to do, how can we reduce our stress levels?

There are a range of stresses involved in the moving house process. Redirecting all of your mail, setting up gas and electricity in your new home, and making sure that everyone remains calm and at ease throughout. From making sure your former property is clean and ready for new inhabitants to ensuring that your new place is safe and child/pet friendly. Don’t worry – we are here to help! Let’s see how you can stay relatively stress-free during this time.


Switch energy suppliers


Although you can’t actually switch energy suppliers until your first day in your new property, there are steps you need to take beforehand. For example, let your energy supplier know that you are moving at least 48 hours before your moving day. Moreover, look into the suppliers and energy tariffs that you think might suit you so you are ready to switch when you are able to. The most efficient way to do this is to use a trusted price comparison site, such as When you move into a new property, you tend to be on a default tariff until you are able to switch suppliers. A default tariff is more expensive than a regular tariff, so it’s important that you switch away from this as soon as possible. This will help to manage your stress surrounding the financial burden of moving house.


Sort out the essentials


Making sure you take care of the essentials ahead of time will also help to relieve your stress and actually enjoy the moving day. It is an exciting time, after all, so you don’t want to spend the day worrying. Also, the more essential tasks you have sorted before the day, the more time you can spend enjoying decorating or picking furniture.


So what are the essentials?


  • Pack your boxes and bags ahead of time.
  • Sort out your energy supply.
  • Change the address of your subscriptions.
  • Inform your doctor, place of work, bank, kids’ schools and other important institutions that you are moving.


Take care when heavy lifting


We have all thrown our back out at some point when heavy lifting. The wrong posture can really damage your back, so when you lift those heavy boxes, make sure that you do so carefully. In fact, it’s definitely worth hiring moving professionals to help you with this part. They are professionals after all! But also make sure that you don’t overpack certain boxes and make their life difficult on the day. Spread out the weight of your items to protect them from hurting themselves. If you do manage to hurt yourself, we are specialists in acupuncture, a technique which can bring you back to health.


Take time to breathe


Now that you have sorted out all the crucial things, you can take time to step back and really enjoy the process. It’s fun, creative and exciting – a fresh start! Take some time for yourself. Practicing breathing exercises and meditation can help you regulate your stress.